Los Cabos prepares to receive the arrival of 35,000 spring breakers; they also go to La Paz


The head of the Ministry of Tourism, Maribel Collins Sánchez, announced that, the arrival of 35,000 Spring Breakers to the municipality of Los Cabos is expected, as well as a hotel spill of 40 million dollars (mdd). In addition, she mentioned that tourists also seek to know other destinations such as La Paz.

She also indicated that, the first arrivals are expected March 1 (2024) and could extend until the first week of April. She highlighted that, the young students who will arrive in the entity will primarily seek to go to Los Cabos but stressed that there will also be presence in other destinations, such as Balandra beach, which has been recognized as the most beautiful in the country and internationally.

“Here in La Paz, Balandra beach; you see that it has had a lot of promotion, that it is the most beautiful in the country and the fifth in the world, so they also come here,” said the state official.

On the other hand, she mentioned that, with the arrival of almost 35,000 tourists, a hotel occupancy of approximately 78% is estimated, as well as an economic spill of 40 mdd, estimating an average expenditure of 170 dollars per day.

To conclude, she commented that, to guarantee the security of the visitors in the entity, the implementation of security operations in Los Cabos and La Paz has begun.

Source: BCS Noticias