A doctor is reported missing in Cabo San Lucas


A doctor was reported missing in Cabo San Lucas, in the municipality of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

This is the case of Sergio Javier Godoy Tirado, Medical Doctor, 42 years old. Relatives of the professional have undertaken the search through social networks, spreading his photograph to ask for the support of citizens to locate him.

The messages do not specify the place where he practices his profession. According to the information released, Doctor Sergio Javier has been missing since March 5 of this year. He was last seen in the Lomas del Sol neighborhood, in Cabo San Lucas.

Sergio Javier is 42 years old, has brown eyes, and as distinctive features, he has a tattoo of a “marijuana leaf” on his leg, on his arm the “face of his daughter” and on his forearm the “face of his son.”

The Busqueda x La Paz collective also spread a file with his photo and his information through its Facebook page to ask for the support of citizens to find his whereabouts.

For any report that helps locate Sergio Javier, the group asks that you send a message to its search page or dial the anonymous call number 6121409761.”

Source.- Busqueda x La Paz

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