Tourists from the United States and Canada Prefer the Winter in Los Cabos


Travelers choose this time of year because the temperatures are perfect for them.

For Lilzi Orcí Fregoso, Executive Director of the Hotel Association, travelers can choose any day of the year to visit this tourist destination, as it practically has sunshine all year round.”

“Any time of the year is good to travel to Los Cabos, we like to say that we have about 360 (out of 365) sunny days, which makes us a very attractive destination,” she said.

She specified that the high season is felt with the increase in the flow of arrivals in mid-October and that the cycle closed until May, but that in recent years national tourism has grown a lot, which comes to reduce the spaces or low occupations in the summer months (July-August).

The tourist’s visit, she said, depends a lot on a specific activity they want to do. For example, if it is whale watching, this has a season, which generally runs from December to March.

Another factor in choosing the season to travel to Los Cabos, he mentioned, is the climate, and that is why the highest season, from October to May, is the one most taken advantage of by neighbors from the United States and Canada.

“The temperatures we handle here are not as high or low as those they have. So, our winter is perfect for coming on vacation,” said Orcí Fregoso regarding travelers from the north.

Source: El Sudcaliforniano