They plan a state real estate registry, with the creation of a Property Law in Baja California Sur


The aim is to have a real estate registry of state assets to have better management of them in the Southern California state.

In the Congress of the State of Baja California Sur, it was proposed to create the South California State Property Law, where a registry of state real estate information is implemented that will be executed by the Secretariat of Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Mobility, Environment and Natural Resources ( Sepuimm) to have documents that detail the physical, legal and administrative record of state heritage properties.

The purpose of the above is to regulate the State Real Estate Administration, which is why the Chief Executive shared this initiative with Congress to have mechanisms for coordinating actions and thus ensuring optimal use of the assets that make up the state patrimony.

The aim is to establish the nature, classification, and regime of ownership of the assets, along with rules that regulate acts of administration, acquisition, conservation, use, leasing, exploitation, destination, disposal, registration, control, inspection and surveillance of the real estate assets, with the exception of those that enjoy special laws.

“The creation of a law that concentrates the aforementioned regulation and contemplates the best legal and technical instruments in terms of efficiency, transparency, accountability and the proper use of assets for the care of the heritage of South Californians cannot be postponed,” said the initiator. 

The properties belonging to the public and private domain of the state will also be regulated, as well as those that are outside its territory, will be subject to the provisions established in the law, although there are cases where what is established by administrative provisions and governmental entities of the federal entity where the properties that are part of the Southern California heritage are located.

Source: BCS Noticias