Isla Espíritu Santo: the perfect island destination on the Sea of Cortez (VIDEO)


On the lower half of the Baja California Peninsula, just a short boat trip away from La Paz, is Isla Espíritu Santo. This paradise is exactly the kind of place you dream of when you think of the perfect island destination. It’s uninhabited, so you can’t actually stay on it, though, but you can visit during the day while staying in La Paz.

The radiant, white-sand beaches and contrasting red rocks of the island are some of the many things that make this beach so beautiful. It’s also home to some exotic wildlife, which is what many people come to see. In particular, there is an abundance of sea lions nearby. A snorkeling adventure like this one is a great way to appreciate them.

  • Where to stay: Just like Balandra Beach (below), the best place to stay in order to visit Isla Espirítu Santo is La Paz. You’ll find loads of wonderful options there, like this super affordable loft Airbnb!
  • How to get there: The only way to get to the island is by boat with an authorized tour operator. The abovementioned tour is a great option, but you can also find plenty of others in La Paz, such as Club Cantamar.
  • Source: Youtube

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