Tips to keep in mind on your next trip to Cabo


Cabo offers world-class resorts and activities for tourists. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate blue skies, warm temperatures, and postcard-worthy vistas. As long as you exercise reasonable caution, Cabo is safe to visit.

Reasonable caution includes things such as:

  • -Avoid overt displays of wealth. Keep the expensive jewelry at home!
  • -Avoid solo excursions. It’s safer to stick with at least one other person from your party.
  • -Avoid going off with a stranger. If someone wants to show you “secret” spots without your friends, be wary.
  • -Avoid excess inebriation. Sure, it’s fine to let loose and enjoy the cocktails and cerveza. Just don’t overindulge to the point where you’re vulnerable.
  • -Don’t swim at night. Cabo has lots of beach bars, but nature can be deceptively enticing. Swimming after dark or after drinking is a bad idea.
  • -Avoid flashing cash. When paying, be discreet about how much is in your wallet.
  • -Pay attention to your surroundings. Use your senses to stay aware of who may be watching your movements or waiting for an opportune time to commit a crime.

With all that said, there’s no reason you can’t be among the millions who take advantage of Cabo’s luxurious environment. Chances are, you’ll find yourself lured back to this paradise again and again, like millions of happy tourists before you!

Source: Traveling Lifestyle

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