There are 3 thousand jobs available in the Eastern Cape


During 2023, more than 3 thousand vacancies were filled through the Ministry of Labor

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- Alberto Téllez Sahuque, coordinator of the National Employment Service of the Los Cabos regional unit, of the Secretary of Labor of the State Government, reported that during the year around 3 thousand vacancies were filled and that a An equal number of vacancies are needed in a new tourism consortium in the Eastern Cape.

The growth in Los Cabos continues in leaps and bounds, as he mentioned that in the Eastern Cape a new tourism consortium will need to fill 3,000 vacancies in different jobs.

“We have six months in the Eastern Cape, specifically in the settlement of the new tourism consortium in La Ribera, where they are telling us that they need 3 thousand different vacancies to work in what is the ‘boom’ of the development of the Eastern Cape,” he said.

Téllez Sahuque said, in addition to the new tourism consortium, other companies are joining in that are coming to invest in the municipality. “Fortunately, there is a qualified and successful workforce here in the municipality of Los Cabos,” he added.

Regarding his annual work, he mentioned that six job fairs were held. “Our goal is for people looking for a job position to end up with a decent salary and all their legal benefits. We also help different companies to get collaborators, of all levels,” he mentioned.

Through the six job fairs, they managed to fill around 3,000 vacancies in construction, cleaning, departmental, food and beverage, and tourism. Vacancies that correspond to the municipality of Los Cabos that includes from Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo and up to Cabo del Este.

To publicize the complete details of their efforts during the year, a meeting will be held next Saturday, December 9, with businessmen and government agencies where they will explain how the year went, what they did and what they still need to do for the 2024 projection.

“We are going to meet at the intersectoral table, which is an internal council of the Ministry of Labor of the national employment service, where it is supported by human resources entrepreneurs, as well as representatives and owners of different companies that are established here in Los Cabos”, he shared.

The objective of this meeting, he said, is to thank companies for the confidence they have in believing in the institution and to develop an action plan to create employment opportunities next year in 2024.

Source: El Sudcaliforniano