For these reasons, Balandra beach is the best in Mexico


This destination of mangroves and rocky reefs in La Paz, Baja California Sur, appears in the 12th place of the 25 best beaches chosen by TripAdvisor users. It is famous for its mushroom-shaped rock

The turquoise blue of the water, the clear sand, the rocky reefs and a spectacular view explain why Balandra beach, in La Paz, Baja California Sur, is among the 25 best on the list of the world’s best beaches of the Travellers’ Choice Awards The Best of the Best, from the TripAdvisor travel platform.

Balandra ranks 12th on the list based on traveler reviews, with 2,999 ratings and 4.5 – out of a maximum of 5 – rating. For the environmental authority in Mexico, it is considered an area of protection of flora and fauna. Its mangroves allow it to be a habitat for a large number of birds, both marine and terrestrial, according to the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas.

One of the visual attractions of this beach is a rock formation similar to a mushroom that at first glance seems a challenge to the forces of gravity, with a thin base and a domed top. “It is very interesting to climb to the viewpoint, which allows you to have a complete view of the area, to go [after] to the mushroom area”, says the review of a user on the TripAdvisor website. “One of the best beaches in the world. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know a new beach and environment”, says another.

The activities suggested at Balandra beach are: scuba diving and snorkeling, boat rides, paddle surfing, kayak tours or observation of flora and fauna. “Make sure to wear water shoes and reef-safe sunscreen”, the platform recommends.

Balandra is considered a wetland of international importance since 2008, so it is on the list of Ramsar sites, the most extensive network of protected areas in the world, and since 2005 it is classified as a World Heritage Site. Since 2022, access is limited by blocks: one in the morning – up to 280 people between 8:00 and 11:00 hours – and another in the afternoon – 280 more visitors, from 12:00 to 15:00 hours.

Due to its natural characteristics, the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas advises travelers to use biodegradable sunscreen, avoid extracting flora and fauna, use only the established trails and campsites, and it is forbidden to climb the dunes. Balandra beach is 27 kilometers from the city of La Paz, by state highway 11, a journey of approximately 30 minutes.

TripAdvisor explains that the title of the Travellers’ Choice Award The Best of the Best refers to the “highest level of excellence in travel” and is awarded to the sites that receive a large volume of opinions and comments “exceptional from the community” of the platform during a period of 12 months. “Of our 8 million profiles, less than 1% reaches this milestone”, it indicates. Balandra beach is described as an isolated place with volcanic cliffs, mangroves and a “unique mushroom rock”.

Source: El Pais