Damián Alcázar proposes creating a passenger train bound for San Diego-Tijuana-Los Cabos


He deems it appropriate that this one begins in San Diego.

Baja California has endless areas and beautiful views, proof of this is the thousands of tourists that arrive year after year in different seasons; Recently, the Mexican politician and actor, Damián Alcázar, made a great proposal in which he seeks to publicize what the state has to offer.

Damián conducted an interview with Miguel Torruco Garza, he uploaded a part of it to his Tik Tok account where Alcázar comments that he would like to put a passenger train from Tijuana to Los Cabos so that people know the incredible points that the Baja Californian peninsula has since in his words, “it is something that all Mexicans should know.”

He even commented that this train could depart from San Diego so that the “gringos” can also enjoy it, even from a more accessible way. He stressed that the creation of this train would be carried out taking care of nature and the area in which the tracks would be placed.

Both stressed that the creation of this train would have an incredible favorable economic impact for the entire peninsula, including its hotels, restaurants and local businesses. Another of the benefits of this would be the costs, such as the passenger trains that the country already has, which have lower prices than those of a plane or bus ticket.

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